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New release 4.4

The translator was improved. A new feature was added: Multi template sources (based on include_path PHP setting).

New release 4.3: new features, bugfixs and integrations

Improvement of the parser of template's vars: If the value is not valid JSON, it will be considered as a template and will be parsed before decoding. Improvement of the variables's scope. Improvement of template's variables assignment. Improvement of relative include/preprocessed templates. Improvement of parser and bugs fixes: if foo not existed, widget waits forever. Improvement of detection of infinite loops in recursive replacements. Integration with Google Chrome/Console and Mozilla Firefox/Firebug plugins: now the engine's messages will be appear in this browsers's features.

New release 4.2: document your templates

Several bugs fixed. New functionality for document templates. Here is a first example of dialect similar to XML.


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This is such a demonstrative example of the formulas in Div templates in this example data are not passed from PHP but are obtained from the POST.

Smarty and Div litte syntax comparison
Custom variable modifiers